What is experiential marketing?

Experiential marketing invites consumers to participate in a product or brand through a carefully executed experience. Often associated with an event, this format of marketing strategy is highly engaging and inspires further action by the consumer with the brand.

Why choose KāK?

A kick A$$ koncept is born from a strategic approach to planning.

That's what makes KāK & Co an ideal addition to your team. With nearly 20 years experience in event logistics, strategic planning and experiential marketing, our associates can help you organize an engaging brand experience.


In order to provide relevant marketing solutions, the most important factor is listening, then being able to interpret a message that is clear and concise for the consumer audience. KĀK & Co partners with organizations and event producers to create strategy supporting the event experience, activation, or product launch, then delivers clear results that help demonstrate the return on impact from the activity.


  • Audience Development and Community Outreach
  • Event Marketing and Management
  • Fundraising Event Planning
  • Brand Presence and Experience Activations
  • Multicultural Marketing and Program Development
  • Grassroots Marketing


Nonprofit Works 2016 Conference

United Way Community Concert Celebration

Wealth Watchers

I’m A Star Foundation

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